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Are Your Serious About Growing Your Business?

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If you’re looking for ideas, tips, advice and proven strategies to magnetize customers, hammer your competitors and multiply® your profits… this is the place for you! click below to find out more…

1) Update

If you want to create the first right impression with a new customer, keep your business information both online and offline, updated

Update Your Website...

Update your Website first, then share your updates with your followers, leads, customers via email, phone, direct mail… whatever.


2) Optimise

Everyone's Googling It - so every time your Update your Website, Optimise it for Google (and for people too) to multiply results

Optimise Your Updates...

Regularly updating your website, combined with Google optimisation (SEO) will drive steady flow of customers to your door.


3) Share

68% of customers that leave a business do so because they feel ignored. Share your Updates and watch repeat sales soar

Share Your Updates...

It doesn’t get any easier that this… keep your leads and customers in-the-loop and it will multiply your marketing results.


x) Repeat

For predictable business growth, you need proven systems, implemented consistently over time, not random acts of marketing

Repeat The 3-Step Process...

The Multiply® iMarketing System for Installers, Home Improvers and Builders can help you generate Leads, Customers, Sales & Profit.


Our Customers Say

“You have transformed the way we build relationships with customers. Last year alone we generated over £683,000 via Google & £464,000 in repeat sales. Having a system to follow gives our Marketing Dept. the control they need, to generate more leads, customers & sales.”


“Leo was extremely helpful and a definite expert in his field… This week we secured a £43,000 contract with a school in Suffolk for a new fire alarm system… when asked where they heard about TTSS they said they found our website from a Google search… amazing stuff!”


“I can update my website whenever I like, easily adding offers, news, updates and new pages without having to rely on other people to do this for me. This has been worth at least £85,000 to us in recurring income generated by new Sales over the last 3 years.”